Custom Vegetable Gardens

We build to suit – If you can dream it, we can build it. Besides garden beds we also build greenhouses, pergolas, chicken coops, outdoor furniture and more…

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Chances are – you’ve never tasted food this fresh and knowing that you’re family is eating healthy and responsible makes it even better!

Garden construction and maintenance services

We focus on ecologically and chemical free fruit and vegetable garden/orchards.

Our Experience

Creating edible spaces is our business, let us educate you to be more food independent and healthy.

Through the use of permaculture and soil building, we have an understanding of the complex & diverse nature of soil ecology.

Growing Food for Those in Need

We’ve successfully create a “food forest” in the middle of downtown phoenix benefiting the needy at St. Vincent de Paul’s multiple acre lot. 

Formerly used for parking this lot has been transformed into a thriving garden producing thousands of pounds of food for the needy.

What we do

We create edible gardens for the home, office, school or place or worship. We pride ourselves on providing resilient and bountiful harvests using only organic and chemical free techniques.

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